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hello !!

welcome to my site!! this is my little haven for making websites like i used to when i was young. this is more like a fun little side project more than anything else, but i'll be happy if you stuck around and said hi every now and then! i've always been sort of interested in making a webpage, and i've always admired people on neocities, so here goes!

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who are you ?

good question! if you haven't gathered yet, my name is kai! i'm the webmaster of this site. i am 22 years old and currently studying computer science at university! (at the cost of my sanity.) my birthday is october 12th! i used to be really into HTML and things of the same sort, and i will always say that the coding language i know best is HTML. doing this sort of thing is sort of healing to my younger self, who would have made the cringiest website of all time when i was 12, i know it. (i would also have probably chronicled my sonic self insert fanfiction there. ww)


right now i'm into hit game ensemble stars !! through no input of my own. if i had a choice, i wouldn't be into ensemble stars.

i love love love vtubers, and i'm the biggest fan of ojou-sama hyakumantenbara salome!

i'm a big fan of arg games! i might not be very smart and might need hand holding to go through puzzles, but nothing is more fun than trying to search through a website to find clues!


i'm semi-reluctant to give up any social medias i'm on, but if you already know me, you can probably make an easy connection!

my neocities profile is here though! feel free to leave a message or just to say hi! i do want to make friends :D

To-Do List:

[] implement shrine to wataru hibiki enstars
[] implement toybox
[] create buttons